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  • Music is a very hedonistic thing.
  • It has to do with enjoying life.
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  • YouTube to MP3 converters are online tools that let you easily convert YouTube videos to mp3.Simply copy YouTube URL, paste it on the search box and click on "Convert" button.
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  • Find and download free music from SoundCloud, Last.fm, Noisetrade and Jamendo Music.
  • FreeMp3Cloud is a mp3 search engine for free mp3 downloads.
  • Wikipedia is a good choice if you enjoy listening to classical tracks.
  • OKmusi MP3 downloader is a free music downloader with no ad, virus and 100% free to download MP3 music.
  • You don't need a user account to download music from the Internet Archive.


  • Gregorian chorales were sung only by men - women were not allowed to sing in church.
  • They were sung in a low, comfortable register for the male voice.
  • The language of Catholic services was Latin, a dead language, but for people who lived in the VII-IX centuries it was ancient, not applicable to everyday life, and therefore - sacred.
  • The Gregorian has a gently oscillating, irregular "melody" that comes from the structure of the text.
  • It was the forefather of everything European composers would do almost a millennium later.


  • Folk music is a special kind of art, the works of which are created by unknown authors.
  • They are characterised by collective creativity and performance and are transmitted orally (by ear) from one performer to another and from generation to generation.
  • The most important quality of folk music is that it is closely connected with the everyday life and work of the people.
  • The principle of collectivity in the creation and conceptual-artistic shaping of folklore appears to be its inalienable distinction.